The research of Graphics & Media Lab at Seoul National University focuses on digital actors, the actors created by computer graphics technology which are so real that people cannot tell if they are animated or captured from real world. Even though the eventual goal may sound difficult to achieve in near future, it turns out that the intermediate results we are developing are still quite useful. In fact, our technologies are actively used in major animation/movie productions all over the world.

The emphasis of our digital actor research is placed on the realism in the appearance and motion of the character. Several important components we have been studying are facial animation, hairstyle modeling/animation, clothing animation, gross-body motion retargeting, elastodynamic deformation, simulation of natural phenomena, and SFX techniques.

Currently Prof. Hyeong-Seok Ko (director of the lab) is working with four post-doctorial researchers, eight graduate students, and three full-time staffs. The lab is waiting for the participation of people who have strong background on mathematics, physics, and computer science. If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student or a post-doctorial researcher, please contact

Centers, institutes, companies, international awards which have been established based on our research
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